A few extracts with some comments from ‘Gates on Google’

Bill Gates
Following is what Bill said in an interview to C|Net News in the story Gates on Google

… Google, because they are in the honeymoon phase, people think that they do all things at all times in all ways.

This was use to be the MS domain

You do me-too Google Talk, and it’s a big deal.

every thing MS has produced to date is a me-too, even the MS-DOS and the Windows

… because we have to make things very reliable and very secure if you are going to do this. … we can start to do


Our slogan is that we are going to give people tools to let them organize the **world’s** information

google wants to use these tools to orginize the world’s information so what makes ms panic

we don’t know everything they are up to

but we soon will

The place we are strongest in this today is in instant messenger

which is hosted on what kind of servers??

when did I first say “information at your fingertips”?

… and when did I say “640K is ought to be sufficient!”

We bought a company called FrontBridge that’s kind of a software service firm […]

If the next three people under you don’t write code but they do deals, what do you get? You get deals

I’ve always believed in low-cost, high-volume

… and imagine if your clients have to reinvest over and over and over.

The value you get out of the system is a lot larger than that

… hopefully, with companies that take the long-term approach and make the investments

Well as Dana Ludwig said “Google is in trouble”, I would add to it just the word “deep”

By Irfan R. Toor