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Success Formula

1. With your personal web site – show your passion What could be more interesting than making the content of your own website. It could be just like uploading the photographs you take, while making pizza, on your trips, meeting with celebrities, the lovely selfies! and every thing including the different facets of your personality.

Software Development Services

NeoSense have been providing innovative solutions to all of her clients from the day one. Our team consists of System Analysts, Engineers, Education specialists, Physiologists, Architects and Developers seasoned in Open Source technologies. We have been developing enterprise solutions for our clients needs in all types of business markets.

Chinese Researchers compromise SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm

A team of three chinese researchers Xiaoyun Wang, Lisa Yiqun Yin, and Hongbo Yu who have links to Shandong University in China, have compromised the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, which is used not only in the communication certifications and the secure content distribution but is also deployed in so to speak secure embedded devices. Adi Shamir, … Continue reading Chinese Researchers compromise SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm