Insomnia brings your genius to the world

Man is a social animal and he has developed a lot of instincts to support his civil behavior. The important most of his expressions is his expression of voice because its the basis of communication. The world is becoming smaller because of our power to make a virtual tour of all of the world in practically no time, but this connectivity has less to do with our speaking or hearing capability and is rather more about our reading and imagining capability.

We can see whats happening at the moment of its happening. We are not only trying to shorten our time to react to the natural hazards but also moving a step ahead by predicting them at the first place. The verbal communication had been a cardinal bond between the living entities and its importance can not be denied, but another strong medium which forces a strong imagination with a one time effort of its creation is scripture. The reader uses his own imagination to articulate, or pronounce the worlds, though some times even this intermediate phase is taken over by the sub-conscious and the reader is dreaming the story while reading it.

Alice is in the wonderland of information dream, knitted very artfully and with all of the minor details in place, as it should be, and it has been casted like a beautiful spell upon her. This is the century of imagination – full stop.

How lovely it is to craft the dreams and to materialize them to a reality. Our power of imagination surrounds us, as if, it is the will of the Lord guiding us to our destiny. We have been using a lot of mediums to impart our vision. Hardly ever we have used insomnia to do this transmission of ideas – but well, you can use Insomnia to bring your genius to the world.

Irfan TOOR.

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