Pakistan: Hot place for the vertical market

Network is the computer, once said the SUN. The world is getting smaller and smaller with the expansion of Intranets to the Internet. People are getting aware of the resources available in the world. This luxury, of getting in touch with anybody on the net, is making the Globe a big market place. Asia, being developing continent, offers a nice opportunity to the investors all around the world. Continue reading Pakistan: Hot place for the vertical market


NeoSense is about life, about simplifying it, and is about giving meaning to it..

What is NeoSense?

NeoSense have been working in the fields of business software, management tools, network management tools, operating systems, community services, environmental concerns, telecommunication, remote administration, information management, information processing, embedded system design and research & development for a better future.

NeoSense is also raising the level of awareness and imparting vision with its publications. Whether its the philosophy of life or nouveau produit de mode – politics, psychology, science, culture, religion – we are making sense by helping in innovating and even reinventing the wheel.

In addition to the generic applications, NeoSense has been developing software for the specific needs of Surgical, Sports and Leather oriented industries of Sialkot, Pakistan.

NeoSense has been crafting novice and innovative solutions for different industries, companies and service providers. NeoSense is also working on the critical issues of Environmental Concerns as well.

Meaning of NeoSense

NeoSense is the combination of Neo and SenseNeo stands for Modern and the Sense not only means the Sixth Sense but also the least used but the most important, Common Sense.

NeoSense is about making sense

Mission Statement

NeoSense will keep on working to make this world a better place and for whatever it takes. A huge power of intellect will be put to use through a computer- cluster, every node of which will be powered by a human think tank, to make a problem hungry super thinking consortium.

though a lot of setups, organizations and companies have picked this idea from here and have started building intelligent thinking units, the grids and the so to speak computer clusters, but well, that is what we want, only at a bigger scale.

Overview of Services offered by NeoSense

When we talk about consultancy, we offer it through the kind of people who not only have high educational profiles but have life time experiences of guiding the icons of industry.

We offer consultancy in the domain of feasibility analysis, information processing, remote connectivity, information system analysis and design and engineering for medium level enterprises, that is, with number of employees ranging from 1000 to 10,000.

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A few extracts with some comments from ‘Gates on Google’

Bill Gates
Following is what Bill said in an interview to C|Net News in the story Gates on Google

… Google, because they are in the honeymoon phase, people think that they do all things at all times in all ways.

This was use to be the MS domain

You do me-too Google Talk, and it’s a big deal.

every thing MS has produced to date is a me-too, even the MS-DOS and the Windows
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