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Urdu Extension is a combination of a parsing DLL urdu-ext.dll, a ligature index file ligidx.txt and a Microsoft Word Template file urdu-ext.dot to be used with Microsoft Word. The Urdu Extesion parses the urdu text in real time and replaces with a matched ligature. Support for upto 20,520 ligatures have been added in the last version.

The existing ligature index was generated by first creating unique ligatures indecies from HAMALA (a product of Step2K) on a lot of Urdu Publications. These indecies were sorted and filtered to prepare a unique ligature index of Urdu Language.

Font positions were located for safe right to left operations and 1026 such positions were set aside for Urdu Ligatures. These positions are:

Ligature positions which can be used in the fonts are:

From To Char Count
Hex Decimal Hex Decimal  
0600H 1536 065FH 1631 96
066DH 1645 06EFH 1775 131
FB50H 64336 0FDCFH 64975 640
FE70H 65136 0FEFEH 65278 143
Total 1026

Preparing the Fonts

Unfortunately no fonts are provided along with the Urdu Extension because this is only a parser program. But you can prepare the fonts using the above information and even your own ligidx.txt

This ligidx.txt should be in Unicode Format which means it includes first two bytes as FEFF as unicode marker and then each successive charecter takes up two bytes.

The first 1026 ligatures written in ligidx.txt will go in the font#1 named as Urdu001, 1027 to 2052 will go in the font#2 named Urdu002 and so on etc.

Also you will need to install Nafees Nastaleeq font. For any ligatures which are not found in the ligidx to be parsed, will be rendered using this font. So this parser can be used as an extension to Nafees Nastaleeq font as well by preparing a font with your special ligatures and a ligidx.txt file for that, which will essentially do the parsing for your ligatures as well in addition to Nafees Nastaleeq font.

A sample font Urdu001 and sample ligidx.txt is included in the Urdu Extension, but you will have to prepare your own fonts for the complete ligature index.

After preparing all of the fonts for this ligidx you can install the fonts using standard windows procedure of installing your fonts and copying the ligidx.txt file to your SYSTEM32 (generally C:WindowsSystem32) folder.

    Note: A few third party fonts are reportedly available to be used with this parser. Any such font is assumed to be the property of its owner and not the distribution of NeoSense by any means.

Other Requirements for Urdu Extesion

Microsoft Office 2002 or above.
You need to enable the macros, for the proper functioning of the parser. Install the right to left language support.
Install the Urdu Keyboard.
Install Urdu Extension.

Installation Instructions for Urdu Extension

  1. Use the provided installer to install the Urdu Extension
  2. Download and install Nafees Nastaleeq Font
  3. Use it as a Nafees Nastaleeq extesion untill you prepare your own fonts.
  4. Install your fonts
  5. Copy the ligidx.txt file to System Folder


This is a FREE software. We have tried to do our best in providing you with an error-free parsing. However if you find an error, please report it to urdu-ext@neosense.com -or- leave your coments right here on this page.

This application has been provided AS IS. No warranties whatsoever are implied.

Revision History


  • The limit of ligatures was extended to 1026*20fonts (= 20,520 ligatures)


  • All of the protecon removed from the system


  • Some bugs of parsing removed.


  • First version for Urdu Extension released.

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