Urdu Extension and Urdu Keyboard

Urdu Extension is a combination of a parsing DLL urdu-ext.dll, a ligature index file ligidx.txt and a Microsoft Word Template file urdu-ext.dot to be used with Microsoft Word. The Urdu Extesion parses the urdu text in real time and replaces with a matched ligature. Support for upto 20,520 ligatures have been added in the last version.

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard is also available for download.

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  1. i am composer and translater in three languages Enlish, Urdu and Sindhi
    any kind of composing and translation as freelancer call me.


    Khadim Hussain

  2. salam
    khadim bhai
    mey web devolpment ka student hoo. itna khas abhi janta nahi hoo .mey ik website bana raha hoo.likin mey chahta hoo k mey is website mey urdu font to writte karoo plz meri help karo. aap ka bohat shukriya

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