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November 28th, 2005 admin 18 Comments

Download Urdu Phonetic Keyboard (12.6kb)
Download Keyboard Layout Creator File(2.2Kb), which you can modify for your own personal needs using The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.

Installation Procedure

  • Unzip the downloaded file and install urdu-keyboard.msi.
  • After confirmation message Urdu Phonetic Keyboard has been successfully installed go to control panel.
  • Double click “Regional and Language options” icon.
  • Press “Language” tab.
  • Press “Detail” button.
  • Press “Add” button.
  • Select “Input Language: Urdu”, and “Keyboard layout/IME: Urdu Phonetic Keyboard”.

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Normal Layout

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Normal Layout
(click on the image to see a larger picture)

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Shift Layout

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Shift Layout
(click on the image to see a larger picture)

18 Responses

  1. Sayra says:

    bon travail ! Est ce que une fois installer on pourra même avoir msn en Urdu, c’est à  dire chatter/ecrire en Urdu ?
    Keep it up


  2. Irfan Toor says:

    Oui bien sûr, utilisez le logiciel et envoyer votre avis et commentaire.

    Nous vous remerçions par avance.

  3. nisar ahmed naz says:

    hello brother I have saved your phonetic urdu keyboard but still not yet instal reason not known but massage received that same installer already in run in window .how can i delete previous installer which is not urdu phonetic keyboard
    necessary reply may kindly be given if you deemd fit
    now Allha hafiz
    yours faithful
    nisar ahmed naz

  4. Irfan Toor says:

    You will have to un-install any previously installed keyboard by doing the following:

    Goto Control Pannel.
    Double click “Regional and Language options” icon.
    Press “Language” tab.
    Press “Detail” button.
    Remove any already installed keyboard other than english keyboard (which is generally default).

    Goto Control Pannel.
    Double click “Add and Remove Programs options” icon.
    Find the keyboard which you removed from Regional and Lanuage options and click on its name.
    Use the Remove botton to un-install it.
    After doing the above install the Urdu Phonetic Keyboard according to the installation procedures.

    Feel free to contact if the problem persists.

  5. mohf kamran says:

    i hope u wiil be in good condition. so am i. i install urdu phonetic keyboad .but when i was going to install this phonetic keyboad .it give me some errror .i am going to write that error.(
    Erro reading from file:

    C;DOCUME~1GODGID~1LOCALS~1TempTemporary Directory 1 for Phonetic.zipPhonetici386Phonetic.dll. verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    Try Again Cancel
    i am facing this error. even i install again window. but still i am facing this problem plz tel me what can i do. this phonetic keyboad need unzip how i will unzip this file. so as soon as possible . send me email and tel me the solution .. thanx may GOD not weaken your hands……..

  6. The site has been under going some changes. I’ll try to replicate the problem on a Windows XP machine with the program available for download on the site.

    Can you please send me the details of the Operating System you are using?

  7. humair khan says:

    dear sir,
    i download a file. urdu-pk.zip (urud-pk.klc)
    i want to edit some keys how to edit. in which program it will be edited.
    kindly reply as soon as possible.

  8. Irfan Toor says:

    You can download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator from http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/outreach/dnloads/msklc.mspx and then use this program to modify the layout defined in urdu-pk.klc

    You can create an installer using this Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, which will create a DLL file and an MSI file. Double clicking on MSI file will install the keyboard layout. You can follow the Installation Procedure afterwards.

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  10. aisha says:

    I downloaded everything. I have windows vista. The problem the default Urdu keyboard is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. How do I get the Phonetic Urdu keyboard to be listed where you select the keyboard? I have no options on the main keyboards and languages tab except 1 which is “change keyboards.” I cliked it and it brings up the list for which the Urdu Phonetic is not listed. There is nothing to install additional keyboards. thank you so much.. If you can help it’d be greatly appreciated.

  11. aisha says:

    please disregard my previous question. I figured it out just by the Grace of God! I clicked Project the build dll and setup package. I then followed the link to where it said it was created and clicked setup. Then Vista did the rest.

    I had no clue what that was but it worked YAYAYAYA I have been trying to install this thing for 4 hours and much frustration. Maybe you can add this thing I did to the instruction.

  12. I’d like to say hello to all people on this board.


  13. Rasheda Khan says:

    I have installed the program, but what about the ‘zair, zabar, pash’ etc. keys also how about complex words like ‘batain’ ‘hahin’ which require some half letters?

    • admin says:

      zabar, zair and pash are available with the combinations [Shift][3], [Shift][4] & [Shift][5] and probably you are asking for Noon which is available in two forms as [n] and [N] and then Hey which is available on [h], [H], [w] & [W].

  14. Rasheda Khan says:


  15. Rasheda Khan says:

    sorry to bother you, but it is still not working, neither can I get the Urdu numbers. Please advise.

  16. mady says:

    i cant join ء while writing those words in which we have to use it for example:
    please help me in this matter
    i also have nataleeq fornt but with it also i cant not solve my problem.
    its great if you will help. jazakillah

  17. Drums says:

    What theme do you use on this blog? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance :)