Well done Google!

Well done Google!

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This company is full of surprises. First collecting what the world has got through their sites, blogs, chats, emails and then reading between the lines and with all of the translation capabilities they have proved themself to be the nerve center of this little planet called earth.

Years back I had an idea of developing a super thinking consortium, powered by human think tanks connected by the network of computers. But Google automated it, through absorbing what ever is available and then deploying very sophisticated analytical engines to develop a super intellect. They are years ahead in acheiving what Microsoft sould have been by being the pioneer in cheating and immitating.

Google, the artificial Einstien of the time, is looking into the space and from the very point, where the last genius left us.

I wish them a good luck to this ever tingling thirst to know the unknown, to know the real How? and Why?, because the rest really are the details.

By Irfan R. Toor
Google to team with NASA in space research