When we talk about consultancy, we offer it through the kind of people who not only have high educational profiles but have life time experiences of guiding the icons of industry.

We offer consultancy in the domain of feasibility analysis, information processing, remote connectivity, information system analysis and design and engineering for medium level enterprises, that is, with number of employees ranging from 1000 to 10,000.

Feasibility Analysis

Do you want to start a new business? Have a killing product, got a web site, have a marketing manager in your pocket, a lot of links to start the business.


If you want to extend your business? Want to relocate? Want to integrate? Want to close an offshore branch? vice versa?

It might seems like a simple issue, but it is not that-simple, not because it is very complicated but because it is not complicated. Its just that your business is not an entity in itself but its kind of a living activity having interactions with the environment and other systems. It consumes resources and change the eco-balance with its growth.

You might run a business for quite some time but looking into what actually might be the requirements of your immediate neighborhood, the ever changing global reorientations and the crafting of solution in a way that it is flexible enough to survive the worst, sure needs a good feasibility analysis of the business. Misfortune, mostly is an event which is not-planned-for.

One can not predict the future with a 100% accuracy and nor can one put every thing at stake - so quite a sensible balance of risk and opportunity is practiced to achieve the best results. It is like driving - with the certain proportions of back view and the side views and the bigger picture in mind you drive safely. The speed really needs to be slowed or accelerated, at certain times, to avoid accidents. But the problem with the business is that we do not have visible objects and the roads ahead of us. We materialize it before hand on paper, so that it can work as a road map or a guide line to us along our way to a happy business activity.

Intelligent Information System

We analyze and re-design your system, by not reducing complexity but by eliminating complexity. With our background and history of working with the leading manufacturers, we have concluded through intensive research and brain-storming sessions with the industry and the subject specialists, that, more than 50% of effort, time, energy or resources are wasted due to the conventional systems of operating or tracking.

In this era when the information can be streamlined and sorted through computers - most of the time is wasted in making the things smooth for computers and not vice versa. Computers are used as storage devices and have merely replaced the scribbling with the key punching. Don’t you think that you waste a lot of your precious time in front of the computer screen just to see what the computer could have seen for you?

It really requires a paradigm shift to see the things from our point of view. If you really think that you are optimized enough then think again!

Is the broader-band-width is doing any favor to you except watching your system remotely or some junky videos on the move. The 3G is not about intelligent use of the band width - its only about the availability of the broader-band-width, the rest is your headache. So how can you put to use the essence of this powerful growing infra-structure. Ask yourself!


The most sophisticated service one can ever get in this technical era is the engineering service. Actually engineering is the blood in the veins of every crafted device, and it is the science and art of engineering which is not only responsible for keeping us running, busy, interactive but also making our universe to be more aware by making more aware the smaller entities - us.

Engineering has been behind the wonders of the word yesterday, it backs up the miracles of today and it is the bright and shining milky way to the future.

We have been crafting with sense. We believe in reinventing the wheel, if the need be, and breaking the walls of prejudices. Want to know the power of pen? now they are redesigning the computers to incorporate input from the pen. Well, its not the power of the pen actually- its getting back to the sense. Engineering is an unfathomable sea of knowledge, steering the direction of the world. Whether it is the discovery of atomic power or the birth of quantum physics - a Zen of Engineering is behind it.

Though providing service in any community around the globe is one of the difficult tasks, but our commitment for a better life have kept us working in this domain with honor.If you think that we can extend our services to more people or add yet some other to the list then please help us by dropping your precious comments or suggestions.

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